Where Did The Summer Go?

I simply cannot believe that I haven’t posted ALL summer!  That’s how busy I was.  Staying busy helps keep the anxiety at bay.  This was also a much better summer in terms of how I was feeling, how Tom, Mark & I were feeling.  Last summer was about finishing chemo, having two surgeries, getting ready for radiation, getting ready for Mark to go to college.  It was a crappy summer last year, but we made it through.  And I think we made up for last summer by travelling and doing lots of things we don’t want to put off doing anymore.

Gosh, what were the highlights?  There were so many!  Tom and I enjoyed our adventure to Las Vegas, to the Grand Canyon.  We are so glad we went.  It was a week of total activity.

We also went to Maumee Bay on Lake Erie for three days, taking Mark and his girlfriend Livy with us.  Mark and I kayaked for the first time ever, much more fun than I thought it’d be.   And a few weeks later, Mark and I went to Oglebay Park and took a tour on segways, which was great fun, too.  Tom and I went to a concert:  Chicago and The Doobie Brothers.  I enjoyed that more than I thought I would, too.

On a more sober note, Tom and I started getting information about funerals, cremation and cemetery plots.  We’ve decided to be cremated, then buried at Island Creek Cemetery.  We have to decide on a plot.  Our cremains can both be put in the same plot.  It is a bit difficult to visit the subject with Tom and yet I feel better about making decisions now together so it’s not all put on one of our shoulders at a difficult time.

Then, yesterday I came home from shopping in Robinson, and Tom said that 1st Energy plans to temporarily close the plant.  The news came out of nowhere.  So here we are again, in the surf mode:  riding the wave and trying to keep our balance.  I do wonder how the hell life continues to throw us curves.  It can just suck at times.  Hey, yeah, ‘stay positive’, but we’ve been thr0ugh this before with Weirton Steel and we thought those days were over.  And dealing with the stage iv cancer on top of it, I wonder how much a person can take.  So I guess it’s one fucking day at a time.


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