How We Spent Easter Sunday

We had a lovely Easter.  We went to Bill & Caryn’s for the day, Mark went with us. It was so very relaxing to spend time with our grandchildren.  They were just so well behaved, and we hung on every little thing they did.  Josie kept us very entertained.  She loved going out in the back yard while Tom and I (Pap and Granny) watched her run around.  Sheesh!  That girl do have some endless energy!  She was quite comical, and named a few little areas in the yard “Little Hill” and “Big Hill”.  The yard  must seem like such a large world to her, it is very sweet to watch.

Liam never fussed the whole day.  He was quite happy to be part of everything that was going on.  He took a nap here and there, ate at his high chair while we had dinner, and loved hanging out with Josie in the back yard.  It’s so easy to make him smile, and at one point, I was getting him to giggle by having him reach up, over and over again, for a stuffed animal.  Oh, he thought that was great fun.

Wonderful memories that have stayed with me as I went back to work this week after a four day break.  The breaks always go so fast.  Plus Mark was home during that time, and now has less than three weeks before he’s home from the university for the summer.


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