Blog blahs

It is taking some time to figure out this blog thing.  I actually think it is more complicated than it needs to be.  I have a dashboard where I post, and a main page, I guess, where the posts are viewed, possibly by others.  I sort of want to change my blog name, so it’s not simply my name.  But I’m afraid I’ll lose all the content I’ve already put here.  And on my main page, the dates I posted are out of sync.  Why?  I wonder.

This is one reason I’m looking forward to summer break from work.  I would like to give this blog a little more of my attention, and understand it better. I’ve been posting in the month of March, and I’m wondering when I start posting in April, if my main page will reflect that, organize all the  March posts under one heading, and April under it’s own heading, ect.  I see how a few other blogs are set up, and am not sure how mine can be made similar.

Learning the nuts and bolts of blogging takes time.  I don’t always feel comfortable spending endless hours getting lost in cyberspace.  Sometimes it’s quite a luxury, but not one I afford myself all the time.  I mean, a girl’s gotta live in some kind of reality to stay sane.


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