Daily happenings

Tonight I’m watching “Dancing With The Stars”.  It’s so entertaining. Love it all.  The dancing, costumes, music.  The celebrities and the dance professionals.  The host and the singers and the judges.  Hair and make-up.

Earlier today Tom and I went shopping for the TempurPedic  mattress.  It’s so funny, because we just love the idea of a good, comfortable, painless night’s sleep over say…a new sport’s car.  Ha, ha, we are getting older!  Oh, gosh, that’s a good thing.  Well, we looked at and laid on a few mattresses and are going to go to at least one other mattress store to see a few different styles before we make a choice and a purchase.

Mary called Saturday night to say Eric is okay, but had a heart attack.  Thankfully, he made it to the hospital on time (in Athens) and they sent him via helicopter to Riverside in Columbus.  I talked to him tonight on the phone, and all sounds good. He had a stent put in and has two more to go in tomorrow.  Gosh, I love that guy so much.  He has always been stability to me.  Last year, he was so very important helping all of us get through the difficult time of Nick’s open heart surgery.  I am SO thankful he is okay.


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