How I Spend My Spare Time

Tom and I took an enjoyable two day trip to New York City last week, March 16th & 17th.  It was our first time there.  I found it very exciting as well as interesting.

Should I spend time blogging about our adventures in the Big Apple?  Or should my blogs have more depth? At this point in my life, I still have lots of things I like to do that fritter my time away.  This week I have a bit more spare time as Tom is working afternoon turn.  So,  I play Words With Friends.  (I’m pretty good at it).  My new addiction is “Drawsome” which I use Tom’s iPad to play.  This afternoon, I got several books from the library (I especially love biographies & autobiographies) and also a DVD on yoga and also a movie.  Then there is TV viewing.  Since we just visited NYC, I’m enjoying reruns of “30 Rock” because I now have an understanding of the sights and sounds of that area of New York.

Oh, and let’s not forget my new hobby:  blogging.  I want to find time for that.

All these fun activities make it hard sometimes to know how much time I should devote to any one thing.  I mean, I certainly want to do less housekeeping and cooking.  I also allow the paperwork, bills, ect., to pile up for a longer period of time before I tackle it.  What can this be attributed to?  Is it a stage iv diagnosis, menopause, empty-nest syndrome?  Wheee!  How lucky was I to get hit with all of this at the same time?

Oh, if I admit it, somewhere among my emotions is me feeling sorry for myself.  Or is it just me being lenient with me?  Allowing me some freedoms while accepting the fringes of responsibilities by making sure the checkbook is balanced monthly and the taxes are filed on time.

I still want to partake in the pleasures of life.  Hey, I worked and was responsible for many years to allow myself the time to kick back and enjoy the simple pleasures like a good book or movie…to have the time to watch TV and not be consumed by an anal-retentive compulsion to keep my house spotless.  So be it.


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