This Is My Better Place

Say your loved one dies.  Along comes someone trying to comfort you, and commenting on the person who died, they say, “oh, he/she is in a better place.”  I don’t necessarily care for that expression.

There is no better place for me than HERE, NOW with my husband Tom and son Mark, sharing this life, the highs and lows, the successes and failures, the struggles, pain, heartache, joy, excitement, adventure.  This is my good place. I love and have been loved by wonderful people: my parents, my sisters and brothers, my stepson, daughter in law, granddaughter and grandson.  This is the good life.  It is good.

At the moment, I don’t fear death.  I just want to be HERE, NOW with my loved ones, Tom, Mark, my family and friends, as long as I can be.  There is something on the other side.  I’m sure it will capture my interest when I get there.  But how can it be better?  No, no.

If love could keep me alive, I would live forever, because I am very loved.  I know that for sure.  I feel it.  Others show it to me in many ways.  I feel secure in love.

Oh, I still believe God may decide to give me a complete healing.  Yeah, sure, why not?  Maybe I already got it.  Why not me?  I am not gonna say, oh, you know, give it to someone else.  I will say, Yes, I’ll take it, and by the way, can we all have complete healing?  Oh, yes, I am selfish enough to take that healing for myself.  And I would be ever so grateful.


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