Words I Don’t Like

I don’t know how the term “blog” ever started.  I guess it’s short for ‘web-log’.  To me, ‘blog’ sounds like a feeling when your intestines are bloated.  You know, someone asks you how you feel, and all you can say miserably is “blog”.  Weighed down.  Seems to me a blog should be called by a much nicer, more sparkly sounding word.

I also never cared for the term ‘bucket list’.  This is even before my bc dx (breast cancer diagnosis). Nowadays you hear people toss that phrase around so casually.  But, if they really were to be staring at a list of things they want to do before they die, and are thinking “it’s now or never” because their health has been compromised, they might not refer to a bucket list so nonchalantly.

Another creepy expression: “terminal illess”.  Just yuck. No one with one wants to hear it put that way. And the word ‘palliative’ is a bit scary, too.  Even tho it’s supposed to be a nice word.  For some reason, it sounds like it should describe some kind of ancient architectural form: palliative sculptures from the classical Greek period.


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