Visits to Pittsburgh

Once a month I go to the oncologist’s office at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh and get an iv of zometa, which is a bone strengthener.  These trips are actually pleasant.  Calming, even.  I get an early appointment and take the hour trip up in the morning by myself.  Sometimes I have an appointment to see the oncologist before getting the iv.  Everyone at the office is pretty nice, altho somewhat superficial.  Not necessarily the oncologist.  But everyone else.

If I see the onc, the whole thing might last an hour and a half.  If it’s just a treatment, it’s less time than that.  

Today, a Reiki volunteer stopped by.  I don’t know how long Reiki volunteers have been making rounds in the office, but this is the first time in over a year that I’ve been going there that one has approached me. And I have been interested in having Reiki done on me, or for me, or whatever you want to call it.  So I was happy to have it done.  It took only 10 minutes.  The guy placed one of his hands on my head and one on my shoulder.  We made small talk during the process, and then it was over. It relaxed me.  And felt spiritual.

Oh, the best part of going to Pittsburgh for treatment is that I always get to stop and visit with Mark at Duquesne University afterwards.  Sometimes he just jumps in the car and comes home for the weekend. Since he was home all last week for spring break, today we just went out to lunch at Duq’s Red Ring Restaurant.  

I love how I feel when Mark and I are there in Pittsburgh.  It makes me feel alive.   It feels like I am where the action is.  I love to see the mixture of people there.

I love the conversations Mark and I have.  We can talk on endlessly, covering all kinds of subjects.


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