My oncologist is not the kind to say, oh, you have ‘this’ long to live.  Some women with bone metastases have lived more than 10 or even 15 years.  I hope I am one who has many years ahead of me. I have no way to know, neither does the oncologist.

Understandably, the diagnosis affects all areas of my life. One area: shopping.  I’ve never been a shopaholic. Still, when I was in the mood, I liked to shop. These days, though, I’m not inclined to buy any kinds of seasonal decorations that can be stored away and used year after year. I have plenty of those.  But I still like clothes and I got a new coat this winter.  I’ve also bought a few pairs of inexpensive earrings since the diagnosis, mainly because my hair is short (fell out during chemo and is growing back in). The earrings help me feel more attractive and feminine.  A few years ago I was considering buying diamond earrings, but no longer.  And I don’t want any new watches.

I’m not looking to do any home improvements, either.  Of course, the main reason for that is:  we’ve done all of them already!

At this point, I think it’s a good idea that I’m spending money on booking a few trips to see places I’ve always wanted to see.  New York City.  The Grand Canyon.

Yep, looking at my mortality has a way of editing some areas of my life.


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